Business System Development
Custom solutions are easy and inexpensive to build. And, we have several award-winning examples.
Why Have Us Build Your Custom Applications?
  • Experience
  • Track record of success
  • Ease of acquisition
  • Leverage existing components
  • Web services.

COMPARE: Building with GeoPortal vs. Building from Scratch

Why Use Ontario GeoPortal for Custom Applications?
  • Standards-based components.
  • User security - access and use.
  • Multi-ministry security supporting authentication across domains.
  • Access to reports and data across multiple systems.
  • Document management.
  • A common interface, saving time, confusion, and training.
  • Content including LIO, Teranet, Google maps and imagery.
  • Information Services.

Additional Business Solutions

Geo-enabling Existing Business Systems
Add “Map It” functionality to systems. Launch GeoViewer to see a feature of interest or to input a new feature based on its location.

Ontario geoportal