Client Service / Activity Tracking Solution
IO STSManage client service requests and service centre operations effort, resource allocations and costs.

The Client Service / Activity Tracking Solution along with its feedback mechanisms, reports, and transparency help ensure clients can easily make a support request and are satisfied with the response and service provided.

The Client Service / Activity Tracking System can be modified to meet your organization's helpdesk or support services needs, including: software support, consultant management, facility management and more.

It is integrated with GeoViewer, DataViewer, and DocumentViewer - so that the reporting and information access interface is consistent. And by leveraging these, the system is much easier to implement. GeoViewer provides a geographic view of the clients, the assets being managed, and their requests - another unique advantage over other activity tracking solutions.

PHAI-ATSCommon functionality includes:

  1. Service Requests. Clients register a request for service / support. The client can check the status of their request, and, once done, fill in a satisfaction questionnaire.
  2. Task Management. Service manager defines the task(s) based on the service request. This section includes personnel assignment, reporting, task and service completion, and the management and tracking dashboard.
  3. Resource Management. This section includes tracking and management of expenses, invoices, POs, vendors, and payments.
  4. Product Management This section enables you to define and assign common products / services associated with requests, and manage associated documents, photos, etc.
  5. Administration Manage user accounts, access, and the system's parameters and data field values.


  • Nothing to install and no software to manage. This is a SaaS solution, your software is in the "cloud"!
  • Available 24/7 and from anywhere there is an Internet connection.
  • Scalable for any size organization.
  • Rapid installation and modification to meet your business needs.
  • Generic reporting with the GeoPortal tools.
  • Easy to learn and use.
  • Affordable.

Technical Details:

  • The system supports multiple "roles" including service requestor, the service manager, the resources assigned to undertake the task, vendors, and administrator.
  • Security: Access to system components and data is role and owner-based ensuring users only see what they are permitted to see.
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