Ontario GeoPortal ...
integrates program information through a map.
create a unique GeoPortal with your data.
secure, hosted, 24/7 availability
immediate ROI, low cost entry
easy to learn and implement
leverage huge spatial database and features
build GeoPortal-enabled systems
"corporate" solution for all Ontario
standards-based; ready to use
All services are provided by Infrastructure Ontario and in partnership with SKE Inc.
Program GeoPortal Combine the content and capabilities of GeoPortal with YOUR data quickly and easily.
Business System Development Rapid, risk-free, inexpensive, hosted... Improve business processes and meet information needs. (Compare: Ontario GeoPortal with building from scratch).
Business System Hosting Host business systems and data on our high availability infrastructure.
3rd Party Information Services Access partner information services from Teranet, MPAC.
Specialty Map Production and GIS Services Includes map or map series, data processing, spatial analysis, printing or scanning in large formats.
Client Services / Activity Tracking Manage client service requests and service centre operations effort, resource allocations and costs.
Ontario geoportal