Ontario GeoPortal ...
integrates program information through a map.
create a unique GeoPortal with your data.
secure, hosted, 24/7 availability
immediate ROI, low cost entry
easy to learn and implement
leverage huge spatial database and features
build GeoPortal-enabled systems
"corporate" solution for all Ontario
standards-based; ready to use
About Ontario GeoPortal How Ontario GeoPortal "compares".
Ontario GeoPortal is CONTENT rich.
Ontario GeoPortal, from Infrastructure Ontario, provides government programs affordable and intuitive services and technologies to integrate, access, and better understand their information.

Integrate tabular data and content through geography. Significantly improve access to databases, documents, and relevant information. Streamline decision-making, enhance communications, and create opportunities for business improvement.

Deploy quickly, learn in minutes, and manage without additional specialists. Affordable, hosted solution that includes core functionality and is rich in content.

Ontario GeoPortal is a platform for business systems.  Several government systems leverage its integration capability; its reporting tools (GeoViewer, DataViewer, DocumentViewer); its security model; and, its hosted architecture

Ontario GeoPortal also includes geomatics and mapping services; as well as business systems development services.

Plus, the Client Service / Activity Tracking Solution is a great fit for virtually any services or operations center.

GeoViewer provides access to business systems and content through the map.GeoViewer

"Cannot imagine managing the province's real property portfolio without GeoPortal. And, the benefits extend beyond IO – since we let other government entities take what we built and use it as their own."

James Storozuk, Infrastructure Ontario

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Ontario GeoPortal is a partnership of Infrastructure Ontario and SKE Inc. For more information, please Contact Us.
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