GeoPortal Security
Any cloud computing / hosted solution MUST meet strict security considerations to protect client data.

GeoPortal's optional "distributed" architecture enables business data in the GeoPortal to remain hosted BEHIND YOUR FIREWALL.

Users only see the information to which they have been granted access - whether they are using GeoViewer, DataViewer or DocumentViewer or any other GeoPortal service/application.

User functionality is defined based on user privileges and settings.

All data are secure, and communications between Ontario government clients and the information services are protected.

All components are redundant, ensuring any failure does not affect system performance.

All interactions and machines keep detailed logs.

All data are backed-up. Back-ups are stored offsite at a high security facility.

Ontario GeoPortal has undergone threat risk assessments (TRA) and security audits and is certified as "secure". If clients require an additional assessment this can be arranged to meet specific security needs.

Some key components include:

  • Secure SQL server dB’s hosted on our servers. All dB’s are dynamically encrypted and have strong password protection with only authorized personnel having access.  All data are backed-up on a nightly basis and moved to a secure off-site back-up facility. Even if the databases were to fall in unauthorized hands, the data could not be accessed because they are encrypted.
  • SSL-256 bit encryption of the communications channel between the client browser and our servers. That means all network traffic is encrypted and protected.
  • For desktop ArcGIS users we provide a secure IPSec based VPN which connects their desktops to the hosted ArcGIS servers and ArcSDE GeoDBs.
  • User authentication in client domain, and encrypted identity management based on industry standards and best practices.
  • Redundant and secure infrastructure at our Peer1 hosting facility. No data leave Ontario. This is a high availability solution designed to provide the highest level of service. We can also provide a redundant secondary data centre for the most demanding solutions.
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