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New Password Logon: When you change your password, you will need to logon with the new password. However, the Internet Explorer logon form fills-in the details for you automatically with the old temporary password. You must type in the new password (the one you created) otherwise your logon attempts will fail.

Exit Other Sites: Exit any other IE instances or sites that you have logged on to before you log in to your application. Internet Explorer will use your credentials of any site you are currently logged into when you try and access a new site.

IE: Ontario GeoPortal applications require Internet Explorer.

Q. Are My Data Secure?
Absolutely. And for several reasons:

a) User access is controlled so that only those with permission to access certain information are able. Users won't know what they are "missing" since only the information to which they have access is visible.

b) Redundant infrastructure and fail-over capabilities ensure that the system won't fail. All data are backed-up and user activity is logged.

c) Data are stored in Canada.

d) You can choose to keep your business data beyond your firewalls and NOT have them hosted with the GeoPortal. This "Distributed Architecture" provides flexibility.

Q. What is Cloud Computing? / What is Spatial Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing: This entertaining video from Salesforce.com provides an excellent definition. As well, Wikipedia provides a well referenced definition and details.

Spatial Cloud Computing: SKE's White Paper outlines the unique characteristics of spatial cloud computing. Those interested are also invited to join the Spatial Cloud Computing group on LinkedIn.

Q. How Do I Get a Program GeoPortal?

Acquiring your own GeoPortal is straightforward. We work with you to understand your needs and the data you wish to publish. We then publish your data, add any other information sources which you want to integrate, set up the accounts, and you're set.

That said, the most effective client GeoPortals are those with which the client's business system(s) are integrated and often use GeoPortal for data management and reporting. See ACIS and Customer Portal for examples. These too can often be accomplished quickly and easily if we GeoPortal-enable an existing business system(s), rather than build from scratch.

Q. How Much Does It Cost?

All the Ontario GeoPortal services are designed to be affordable whether it's because it is a cloud-based service, or because it leverages all the data, software and technology components of our award-winning enterprise GIS.

Client Program GeoPortals, once they are set up, are provided as a monthly subscription per user account, making it easy to budget for and acquire.

Please contact us for more information.

Q. Can I Change How the Map Layers Look?

The map layers' appearance can be changed (other than imagery layers and web services like Google), however, this is done by the administrator.

If you would like one of your map layers to look different, please contact us with the request and describe the map layer and how it should appear.

Q. Can I Add More Data to My GeoPortal?

The GeoPortal tools are primarily designed to enable you to access data. However, two provide the ability to add and/or manage data as well.

GeoViewer: When tied to a business application, GeoViewer can be used to add new feature(s) on a map layer. For instance, if you have a “facility management” system, GeoViewer could be used to locate the building and then update the calling application's database with that location information – enabling anyone using the system to quickly find the building and update / review the associated information as required.

DocumentViewer: DocumentViewer can be used to add, update, delete content and modify the directory structure depending on your user account privileges and the "mode" that DocumentViewer is in.

Business data and map layers within the system are published using our management tools, and it is part of the service provided. Clients do not publish their own databases or map layers directly.

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