Customer Portal
Customer PortalGovernment ministries each manage the facilities they occupy -- courthouses, laboratories, jails, schools, office space... Customer Portal provides a complete picture of their real property portfolio through a single, standard solution with tools, reporting, and technology to keep that information up-to-date.

Customer Portal is an enterprise facilities management system requiring no additional staff. It leverages the property and facility data managed at Infrastructure Ontario (IO) and the Ontario GeoPortal.

The security model is impressive. It enables cross-domain user authentication - something that internal applications typically cannot achieve because users from one ministry domain are not “trusted” by another ministry domain. Customer Portal ensures each user has access to only their information and the appropriate privileges to use the maintenance and management tools. Customer Portal is accessed from within the Ontario govt. Intranet.

Buildings Details.Customer Portal Buildings FormThe “Building Details” management form illustrates how much data and information are managed within the system.  When ministry facility staff select their building, the data from IO's Digital Enterprise populates all the fields it has data for in the main form and 14 sub-forms – leaving only those fields managed by the ministry to be input / updated.

The “Manage Documents” button launches DocumentViewer where staff input building files/documents into specific directories.  The “Select Building” button launches GeoViewer and zooms-in to the building. High resolution imagery and dozens of other map layers and services are available. Users quickly understand the building in the context of its community and surrounding natural and man-made features.

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