Aboriginal Consultation Information System - ACIS
Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs
The Canadian Supreme Court mandated governments be proactive in consulting with First Nations regarding potentially conflicting land uses. ACIS meets the communication and coordination needs for Ontario government legal service and policy branches in all ministries that play a role in aboriginal consultation.

ACIS leverages Ontario GeoPortal.  It provides access to everything the ministries need through an intuitive, secure, and functionally-rich solution. All Aboriginal consultation information - from data to documents - are managed and published this way.

ACIS was designed, built, and implemented as an enterprise system in only a few months. It has since won several awards. Several hundred staff across the public service have an ACIS user account, enabling them to use the business systems and edit the data, while ALL Ontario government staff have access to the data and information through the Intranet, thus supporting MAA's mandate to help build understanding and awareness of the aboriginal communities within the province.

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