Leverage Ontario GeoPortal - or Build from Scratch?

In considering a GeoPortal implementation or a new business system develoment project, there are many reasons why leveraging Ontario GeoPortal can make your decision easier!

It's about saving time, money and effort. Here's why:

Leverage Ontario GeoPortal Building Your Own
Web mapping software built in. Buy software and annual maintenance.
Easy to learn Training / specialist required for GIS
Business database software included. Need to acquire, maintain business database software.
Solution hosting and management included in subscription - includes network, O/S software, hardware. Web GIS is specialized and can be expensive. May need to acquire and manage hardware and O/S software.
Desktop GIS access direct to the server. Direct access may not be permitted - therefore requires duplication and copying of data.
Data updating - ETL processes in place. Design / create updating rules and processes.
GeoPortal is secure. Need to build security into the application.
User account management provides access rights, passwords and definition of what users have access to. User account management would need to be created and appropriate rule-based processes put in place.
Backups and logs automated. Backups and logs need to be defined.
Client support through an online system with feedback. Need to establish support KPAs and procedures.
Google Maps base (with imagery and terrain) included. If desired, would need to acquire Google or Bing and develop the ability to integrate it with client map layers.
Google imagery integrated with province's best imagery Incorporating imagery is expensive.
Document management - add, update, manage folders and files based on map features. Few solutions offer document management.  Would need to be built.
Business data reporting.  Query, report, map the results, export to Excel, inport your own data. Requires specialized system - often not generic, so each new database would need to be re-developed.
Geo-code tabular data. Geocoding is specialized and can be expensive.
Generic map viewer with multiple functions. Both an "internal" and a "public" version. Geographic viewers available but need modification / programming to interact with documents and data.
"Topic" concept enables content to be managed and published in logical groupings with separate security. Would need to be built if you want multiple views of the same data.
Map-enable business applications to edit / manage spatial data. Readily available. Mapping capability would need to be built in to each application that needs it.
Extensive content - including LIO, Ontario parcel, admin boundaries, IO's property mapping, and more. Would need to incorporate the data on your own. May require license arrangements.
Web services. e.g. Teranet, MPAC. Service "marketplace" to attract new services. Incoporation of map services can take time and money.
Timing: 3 months or less. Fewer architecture and data decisions. More time to work on the data. Timing: corporate applications can easily take 12 months, especially GIS applications.
Contact IO for services. Vendor already established through RFP. Acquire services through an RFS / RFP and vendor selection process.
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