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The mobile site does not provide access to all the GeoPortal applications and services. For more details on these please visit www.OntarioGeoPortal.com on your desktop computer.


Need Help? / Contacts

General Help: visit the OntarioGeoPortal.com site Support section.

Need an Account: All mobile applications require an account. Contact IO Geomatics at: .


First Time Login? / Set Password

Recommended: When logging in for the first time or when changing your password it’s easier to do this on the main Ontario GeoPortal site (www.OntarioGeoPortal.com) using a computer. Then come back to the mobile site (www.OntarioGeoPortal.com/m) using your mobile device and login. Alternatively, you can use the mobile site.


Account Reset - How it Works

Provide your username and email and click OK. The system will prompt for an answer to one of your security questions.

You will get two emails, one with a temporary password. Use that password to login and you will then need to choose a new password.

Once you have changed your password, logon with the new password.

Rules for passwords:

NOTE: After changing the password, the logon form may remember the OLD temporary password. Remove it and enter your new password.